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With the temperatures the past couple of days, winter is definitely thinking about making an appearance. Of course my cats, Squeak and Fogg, would tell you it is already here. But then they love to just soak up the warmth from the fire.

We actually built our first  fire last evening. After daytime temperatures in the 70’s three days ago dropping to highs in the 50’s, the change is quite a shock to the system. The dog (alright the small 105 pound pony)  is trying to convince me that he would be just fine in the house. No, he really wouldn’t chase the cats. Honest. Well, not much….

So I think it’s time to settle comfortably into the office chair, with a cup of steaming tea, and see what’s happening with my latest cast of characters on Gambler’s  Folly, Damiano and Karianna.

Good-bye for now. Get yourself a cuppa and a good book. Why not try Jareth: First Lord?


A tardi i miei amici…

(Until later my friends.)


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I’ve had some questions about Jareth and the Talents. What are the Talents and where do they come from? If you read the prologue, you read that Esperance was discovered by remote-viewing, the ability to view distant places psychically. This is one of the Talents the First Lords develop as descendants of the Seekers.

But what are the Talents? They can include nearly anything. A master musician who can sway an audience with his performance can be a Talent. An energy healer is a Talent. Anyone who seems to more connected to his or her craft than is normal could be a Talent.

Some of the Talents are empaths, who can tune into someone else’s emotions. Some are telepaths, who either read the thoughts of others, can send thoughts to others, or who can do both.

Usually, Wild Talents have only one enhanced ability. The First Lords on the other hand, since they are the closest descendants of the Seekers, have abilities in many areas which have been exercised and trained since childhood. This is what gives them the insight and strength to rule their clans.

But for more information on the Talents, watch for the debut of the second book in the series, Viviane: First Lady. This book begins with Jareth and Viviane’s marriage and continues through discovering and training her Talents.

Hope this helps those of you who are confused.

If you’ve not read Jareth: First Lord, it is available at:

Happy reading,

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Okay, so I really should be inside working on Gambler’s Folly. Instead, I’m taking the day off to enjoy the beautiful day. Winter will be here soon, with all the rain and cold and I’ll have plenty of time indoors. I can rationalize this by promising I’ll think about Damiano and Karianna while I walk, right?

Anyway, if the weather is wonderful where you are, go for a walk in nature. let those five senses you have savor the moment. And this evening, if you need something to read, give my novel, Jareth: First lord a chance. http://www.createspace.com/4010036

Sunshine here I come!

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What next?

Now that Jareth: First Lord is up and selling, it’s time to make a decision. Should I go ahead and finish polishing the second book in the series, or get the first book in a different series ready for print?

The new series is, again, a romantic fantasy, set on a world which is the pleasure capitol of the galaxy. Sort of like Vegas, Atlantic City and Monte Carlo all rolled in to one. An added draw is that it is a perfect vacation spot for outdoor lovers, too, with sand and sky, skiing and nearly anything else your heart could desire.

Meet our new hero and heroine, Damiano and Karianna and follow their story of gambling, love and a whole lot more. Read an excerpt at:  https://sites.google.com/site/melliemiller/

Coming soon!

Don’t forget to look at Jareth: First Lord


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Jareth: First Lord is now available on Amazon.com in paperback.  If you’re like quite a few other people I know, who don’t have a Kindle and don’t like to read on the computer screen, here’s your chance.

On the world of Esperance, First Lord Jareth has had his fair share of troubles. Now two years after the death of his First Lady, in the grip of a cold, harsh winter, he is besieged by thefts from a neighboring clan. Traveling to confront First Lord Herrick, he demands repayment and penalties, including the Choosing as is his right. Captivated by a black-haired beauty, he takes her back as part of the spoils, not realizing she is Lord Herrick’s youngest daughter. Will he be able to win her heart and make her First Lady of his clan? Or will keeping her in Clan Brannach start a war between the two clans?

The Kindle version has been doing wonderfully during the past couple of months.  I have high hopes for the paperback version as well.

So if you’re looking for something to read, give Jareth a chance.  Now that volume 1 is published, I should get busy and finish volume 2, Viviane: First Lady.

For previews of other projects I have going, go to my website,


‘Bye for now.  Happy reading.

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Well, I’m finally finished with the proofing and have submitted the final version of Jareth: First Lord. It will take it a few weeks to show up on Amazon, but it is now available at this address:


And of course it is always available for Kindle.

Thanks to our daughter Dawn for her help designing the cover and for all the times she read through it helping me find typos and weird things that happened on the page in the wee hours of the night.

Check it out . You can also go to my webpage at:
And when I get my professional site up and running, I’ll post it here for you as well.

Thanks for reading.

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